Literacy can
change lives

We believe that when children learn literacy skills, their educational trajectories are transformed and entire families, communities & countries benefit.

Our annual reports

2022 Annual Report2021  Annual Report

Our impact areas

There is no silver bullet! Improving literacy rates requires support and collaboration across various areas of the literacy ecosystem spanning individuals, mindsets and systems. mc2h has the ability – and responsibility – to work across all these layers.

Empower teachers

Teachers thrive when they have access to ongoing training and development opportunities, and when they are incentivized and valued, it keeps them motivated.

Strengthen parents

Parents need to be motivated and equipped (with time, knowledge, tools, and resources) to reinforce their children's early learning activities at home.

Support girls

Gender disparities in education are improving, but girls still require additional support to attend and stay in school, as well as to ensure improved learning outcomes.

Our mission

seeking out people and projects who share our belief that literacy can change lives.

supporting social entrepreneurs and NGO’s that have innovative solutions to literacy challenges.

focusing on grass-roots, early-stage development, that are locally-led or community-based.

going where others may not - we serve the most disadvantaged and the hardest to reach.

But what if...

What if...

... every girl in Sub Saharan Africa completed primary education.

If this happened it is estimated that the maternal mortality rate would decrease by 70%...


reduction in maternal
mortality rate