We are the
African literacy foundation

Our dream is to see an Africa where every child can read and write by 10 years old.

We are a private foundation, deeply committed to resolving literacy issues in West Africa. We have started small, but we dream big: today our work is focused in West Africa, but we are also building relationships and mobilising networks for a wider system change across Africa.

Our beliefs

We believe literacy is a basic human right, it is key to eradicating poverty, it is a catalyst for economic growth and it is a rock on which an enduring civilization rests.

Literacy has the power to change lives

Being able to read enables children access to better opportunities in life and helps to break the cycle of poverty. It allows them to realise their full potential as empowered individuals, engaged members of the community, and citizens of the world.
Reading is a foundational skill, a gateway to all other learning outcomes. People who cannot read or write cannot do simple things like reading the label of a medicine bottle, filling out a job application or understanding a traffic sign.

Literacy is the foundation of lifelong learning

Early intervention is key

We focus on early years literacy to set children up for the best start in life. Literacy begins in those first years of life at home. Before children are even in school, early experiences with books build a strong foundation for learning.

Our purpose

To identify, support and convene organisations that boost literacy rates in West Africa.


We are a lean, dynamic team. We are unburdened by bureaucracy, and are able to go where other people aren't. We are ok with failure; but we learn fast. We are rigorous and data-driven. And we will never give up.

As CEO of the mc2h foundation, Tara champions equitable giving, steering the new organization into a transformative philanthropic force. Previously, she co- founded a hospitality start - up in Geneva, innovating living and working spaces, and managed a global healthcare brand at Unilever in London. Tara holds a degree in French and Italian Literature and Language from Cambridge University.

Tara Wondraczek


A Chief Executive with 25 years of experience in social impact, founder and CEO of Pi, Jo provides key strategic advice to the mc2h foundation as board chair. She has held leadership roles in NGOs, social enterprises, and venture philanthropy organisations, and developed strategies for philanthropists and foundations seeking systemic change, working across 50+ countries.

Jo Ensor

Board Chair

Patsy will bring her 30 years of administrative experience of growing Africa-centric companies with a hands-on approach, primarily in management control. She has a strong intuitive attitude which will assist the development of the mc2h foundation. She has an unsurpassable dedication to this educational cause.

Patsy Shannon