Literacy is the
foundation of all learning

86% of ten year olds in Sub Saharan Africa suffer from learning poverty, they are unable to read and understand a single story.
(UNICEF 2022)

Why literacy matters - a few statistics

Financial impact

As a result of illiteracy, the estimates there is a total loss of 17 trillion USD in lifetime earnings for students worldwide.

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Health impact

On average, a girl that can read has two children; one that doesn't has five.

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Social impact

60 million children today don't have access to school – but if they can read, they stand a chance.

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Watch this TED Talk to understand the magnitude of the literacy problem.

In his talk, John Trischitti paints a stark picture. “One billion people are illiterate - if this was a health issue, it would be deemed an epidemic.”. But he also brings to life how, with international focus on literacy, we can create significant change for the next generation.